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An Extraordinary Journey that all who are willing to learn, must take.

“Immortal Self” was sitting on a shelf beside me, I picked it up and began reading,and could not put it down. It has enabled me to realize what I always knew existed. The events that Aaravindha described during his journey to the Valley and during his stay there, were riveting and touched a very deep part of my being. “Immortal self”, connects on a level which few only dream of and fewer experience. Yet, Aaravindha explains how we all are divine beings and how it is possible to connect with that part of us that knows there is so much more than this material world. Aaravindha’s book show us how to go deep within and find that everlasting grace that will bring us internal and eternal peace.

Carol Snowball

A journey into the Mysterious

Such a beautiful book, written so well it will make your eyes weep with golden tears of joy. A spiritual journey like no other, there is a reason you have been led to this book, read it and find out.

Edward Chyrek

Once Every Generation...

Once every generation a book comes along that is so profound and inspiring that it creates a shift in consciousness for the reader, an actual initiation of sorts for the better to a higher state of consciousness. The Immortal Masters described in this book are very real and their presence can be powerfully felt, especially for me personally Grandfather Pitamah, Nil'Amma Tara and Master Amir Re'Maat Kalarohan. Very powerful... Just read with an open mind and heart and you will sure to receive a blessing. And reread and reread again... I am currently on my third reading of the book.
Not since I first read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda back in 1994 has a book touched me so deeply that I wanted to buy dozens of copies and just pass out to friends and people I feel are open to receive this message.
Do your body, mind, soul and True Self a favor and buy this book!

Bryant Meyers

Absolutely must read

A truly wonderful book!!!
I've read it 3 times and plan to read it over again more. It's the type of book that appears a seemingly simple story, but you find it's is imbued with layers of information. One pass will not cover all that is truly being portrayed. Something is shimmering within these words.
The author is super articulate at his ability to convey his thoughts and descriptions of the process of his journey and interactive surroundings. You feel attuned to his synchronicity and become engaged in curiosity as to what happens throughout every turn of the page. He puts you right there in his story and reveals a profound adventure that invokes a deep sense of longing for the truth and experience of the ancient streams of energy and wisdom that are found in the life currents of all time. He reminds us that there is so much more to the story.


I would say this is perhaps the most important book I have ever read. Many things were clarified, many questions were answered and many things that I suspected were confirmed. This book marks the first chapter in what I fully expect to be a revolution that will help to bring about an awakening that will finally transform life on this planet. Those who have been fortunate spend time with Aaravindha know that, as amazing as this book is, it is only the appetizer.

Donald Handyside

Quite and experience.

Quite an experience. This book woke up a lot of memories in myself. I suspect that I am not the only one with similar experiences who will read this book. It was an easy read and very deep at times. Has life teachings and adventure in it. Can be read on many levels of depth. Thank you Aravindha.

Crystal Bosbach


“There are times in life when the hand of fate shows up unpredictably. I’ve come to relish those moments—their sudden and unanticipated entrance—too elusive or quick for me to just brush aside or react habitually. More often than not, I’ve discovered in them a heavenly genius at work. I was beginning to suspect that this might be one of those times.”

IIn the summer of 2006, Aaravindha Himadra traveled deep into the interior of the Himalayan Mountains to a secret valley where he lived among the Amartya Masters, a highly reclusive lineage of spiritual mysticism. To answer their invitation, he endured a daunting trip across the rugged, remote mountain peaks, where he eventually came to their protected valley home, a place where our world’s most ancient spiritual truths still exist in wholeness.

Immortal Self is a riveting account of Aaravindha’s remarkable journey and his visit to this sacred land. Divulged here for the first time are the teachings of a legendary and secluded spiritual tradition—truths that transcend the illusion of our accepted reality and offer a beacon of hope for all seekers. Here is a transformative story that will invite you to challenge your preconceptions, open your heart, and receive the wisdom that your soul has always known: “When the last obstruction to the Truth of our existence falls, but one power remains—the power of Supreme Love.”