What I love most about learning from Aaravindha Himadra is the way he never holds back the knowledge, and can meet each person where they are. He has the ability to talk to the entire group and answer questions that people didn't speak out loud, but because he can reach out on a different level, he is able to fully answer many questions at once, in many different layers. It stunned me the first time I attended a Satsang with Aaravindha. I was shy to ask anything and I had so many questions about the Amartya knowledge, about myself, and about what my path was. Aaravindha was able to discover what was most pressing on my mind and weave answers for me into the answers he shared with the entire group. What a spectacular thing! And of course this drew me out of my shyness, and after four years training with Aaravindha, I recognize what deepening with the ancient knowledge of the Amartya masters can truly be like. Thank you, Aaravindha!

Mahina Ramachandra

Dear Aaravindha, I don't know where to beginn. Actually there are no words for how I feel but I try it anyway. I'm so incredibly thankful for everything, that I barely can handle. Everything makes so much sense to me now, this thick curtain, that I felt since the beginning of my life now finally starts to open slowly and I can hardly believe my luck. I've been looking for so long after this truth, I was longing and now it drops slowly into my life and so many tears of luck running down my face. I had this critical voice in me before this course and especially I almost had given up the hope that we can heal the world and the beeings that are in need. I know and feel how broken the earth is right now and I didn't see a solution anymore. I'm so glad that I could talk with you about that. I saw the hope and strengh in your eyes and it makes me strong now, the doubts can not stay any longer. Also my own experiences with this Shakti, that now can flow in me again, gives me more power than thousand words could. I asked you about it, maybe you can remember, why there is this power who pulls my head to the rear and makes me losing the feel in my fingers. With this knowledge that this is just Shakti, that wants to flow again I could finally say yes to it and then it came... I later realised that this energy wanted to come earlier in my life, it tried three times and everytime because I was in fear and didnt' know what this is I pulled it down. Now I'm so grateful that I was allowed to ask you about it. It changed my life. Since then I really feel alive. And also the fact that I just needed to sleep for 4 hours a night (I normally need 8 hours or more) and barely had to eat convinced me that I came so close to the truth. To sing the Sakalasiddhi along with the others touched me so deep that I barely can describe. It's these experiences and all the real interesting true knowledge, that was given to me that could feed my hunger. I also looked in so many known eyes in these days, so many of them had touched my heart, I couldn't imagine this in the past. I wasn't alone before that (I have the luck to have such a great family) but now I feel surrounded with so good people that I feel so enriched. I also have such a good teacher, Yameera, she inspires me a lot. From her I knew that it could be very hard to come back from the courses. In spite of my really good life it was hard for me to come back. But the fire now burns and just nothing can take this away from me now anymore and this is why I feel so infinitely grateful. In every case I will be there in fall in the Mantraseminar and in every other intensive that will follow. I'm really looking forward for the Mantraseminar, all the knowledge and wisdom and love in your being and your words Aaravindha and all the lovely people around. A big THANK YOU for just everything. Love, Judith


There are so many things that happened and I learnt on different levels. F.e. after the seminar I had a deep insight, what dharma really means. Not in an intellectual way - this I had understood before - this time I could feel, what it would be like to live Dharma and Dharmi. I found inside of me a deep devotion and surrender to life, whatever it will tell me to do and at the same time a felling of bliss and deep fulfillment in doing devine will. Ther was no fear, no doubt, so sorrow, just love and unconditional joy in action. Now the feeling is gone, but the memory is still alive. I love Aaravindha telling stories of the ancient times. This life shrinks to the size single leaf on a tree with thousands of leafs and the eternal journey becomes luminous and fascinating. Everything that happened to me in this life is not so important anymore. The faith is growing, that everything can heal, that I am pure creative intelligence and can grow and grow and grow. A wonderful perspective. Ahalya


Thank you Aaravindha, it was an amazing and beautiful meeting with you, great teacher and friend!

Amrita Hausmann

Aaravindha always gives his best and listens to the need of each student in every moment

For the last 9 year I have participated in the yearly seminars with Aaravindha in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S.. Since my first seminar I found that the tradition and knowledge changed my perspective and transformed my life completely. Even if its sometimes hard to link the world of deep spiritual Sambodha knowledge with my daily life, spirituality became part of my life in every moment. What I love most about Aaravindha as my spiritual teacher is that he always gives his best and listens to the need of each student in every moment. He is a good example for being humble and human. Every seminar was unique, special and a big surprise. Thanx Aaravindha for your guidance, patience and profound knowledge!

Shandimara, Munich

These seminars are an immeasurably precious gift to me

I so love to learn in every seminar an immeasurable amount of the most exquisite knowledge, experience the deepening of my meditation practice in profound ways and also receive very down to earth practical support that relates to my life. With his outstanding capacity of listening, Aaravindha is answering individual questions and also to the need of a few hundred people at the same time in many layers. Not only this leaves me in awe, still after so many different kinds of seminars I attended. As a result, each time at the end of this precious time, I found myself deeply regenerated and rejuvenated. I have always experienced profound healing in mind and body as well as received many powerful techniques, experiences, and guidance for the time after to be practiced in my daily life. These seminars are an immeasurably precious gift to me. I also experienced Aaravindha in his extraordinary presence as very approachable. A friend and companion through our travels in consciousness. He is a very exceptional, outstanding Master Teacher and a true friend, whom to meet is a great honor in itself.

Taipari, Germany

Nearly a year has come and gone by, still thinking of my life's joy, and humbleness, to the knowing of what it really means to be alive… to pass on my spirit of joy, to my family, and friends. Thank you, Aaravindha Himadra, thank you! Blessings, my friend

James Lomasney

The seminar was very inspiring for me . I was able to reveal unknown aspects of myself and to recognise them and acknowledge them . Aaravindha has an very unique way to teach you , to Inspire you and to integrate that wisdom in order to transformation to happen in your life . Is really very valuable to be able to ask questions and Aaravindha way to answer your questions while at the same time addressing every participant is really exceptional. I meditae for more than 4 years every day but I never knew that there is an art and a Science for mediation . Aaravindha with his deep knowledge and teaching show me the dymamics that somebody can achieve with the meditation in order to transform your life . For me it was a honour and a blessing to Meet him , to interact with him and to learn . If somebody wants to evolve its consciousness to a different level then certainty I recommend his teachings .


My heart full of love and true self-authority are the two treasures I took home

What touched me most during the whole seminar was the indescribable love I could feel every day more, coming from all around me and also and especially from within myself. It was like the door of my heart, which was kept close for such a long time, slowly but uncompromisingly opened and let the sunshine in, that I had forgotten it even existed. At first, I have to admit, this did not feel comfortable. I had to look at, admit and let go of a huge dark load of self-judgment and misunderstandings of reality within me, that was blocking my heart. But Aaravindha's wisdom and love felt like rays of sunshine I instinctively decided to trust and follow. Never before I had met anyone who was able to guide me through my internal process as uncompromising, loving and beautiful as Aaravindha. Everyone who feels that there is a deeper and much more wonderful reality within us, who is willing to let go of an old and not helpful identity, is invited to give it a try and join the next seminar. I have not met one participant who did not think it was the best thing on earth that happened to them. Coming to Orcas Island, a mystic and highly energetic island, was the best investment of my money and time I have ever made, as I understand now, that, what we do to ourselves we do for the world. I am now able to stand in my own truth, radiate love and say NO to things that just do not feel right, independent from what other people might think. My heart full of love and true self-authority are the two treasures I took home, but in the end, they are one. The door to my heart was opened and in came so much light, that everything that existed within it, that could not live in harmony with love, had to leave.

Sanjali, Germany

Where do I begin to talk of the knowledge gained in these seminars? 

Where do I begin to talk of the knowledge gained in these seminars? Knowledge that gives you peace in these challenging days? Knowledge that warms your heart in dark moments? Knowledge and techniques to use in the middle of the night? When fear or guilt or the infamous To Do list keeps your mind spinning? It is so deep and sure, you can listen to it over and over in the following days, months, and years and gain still more knowledge. It seems to reappear at the very moment it is required. Someone asked me why I keep listening...Because there's more. I am not exactly the same person I was before I started attending these seminars. Similar, but a better version. I see more gentleness, more compassion and more magic in life and realize it is all for me.

Sarayu Languedoc

An absolutely outstanding seminar! For me it has been the most valuable and lifechanging ever (and I've been to well over 50 seminars).

Kamalakshi, Zurich

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