Is it enough to see the darkness and then turn away completely and just spread Love and Joy?

Two critical questions that came in related to a recent Facebook post are: “Is it enough to see the darkness and then turn away completely, offering it no fear, no anger, and so on.? Because many people want to walk only that path. Is the solution then to just spread joy and love?” Another equally important question was, “Could you give me some ideas on how to deal with the censorship?

First: —Is it enough to just spread Joy and love? Feelings or joy and love are both quintessential to your primary human nature. However, spreading joy and love does not require you to close your eyes to the wrong, nor does it preclude any real actions that you should take that can help you remedy the problem that darkness invokes. But… The ideal is to not quash that luminous nature under the force of your emotions. (fear and anger). It is important to be strongly effectual in remedying the issues that would ruin your opportunity to live it freely. You do not need to be powerless to act remedially against the damage that darkness creates. Denying your fear or anger does not resolve your, or those issues. It intensifies them. Even mild suppression is, in the end, a missed opportunity to grow and heal. And may, in the long run, create more serious emotional issues. Let’s not forget that fear and anger are mental messengers, telling you that you have something important to do. Emotions are a healthy symptom of being alive. The key is learning how to treat them. So, they don’t steal away your light. Merely imagining that you can only enjoy the gentle water and sunshine while swimming in hungry shark-infested waters does not prevent the shark from striking when opportunity, such as unawareness, governs a mindless moment.

Anger is the result of helplessness or frustration. Fear is behind anger, and is always related to your attachments and aversion. But mostly fear is related to your sense of who you believe you are. The remedy to both anger and fear is to listen in, toward the source of your being for a higher intuitive sense of your Self. A sense that you may have learned to deny or cover up under a false survival identity. —This return to Self is a powerful journey unto itself. If you can recognize that mistaken identity, you must first acknowledge it, and then consciously give up any resistance to the emotions that false association creates in the presence of darkness. This is a centering moment. Not an outward one. When there is no resistance left, you have the opportunity to listen for what you truly need, to bring in a path to healing. That remedy is already in you, hiding beneath those guardian emotions.

Resolve those emotions you don’t like, not by denying them, but by entering into their core essence. Beware not to entertain them as you give up your resistance. Instead, just let go of all effort and expectations. Then wait, what remains in that silent wake, is a moment of intuitive inspiration that you can feel and then turn into an authentic action that resolves your helplessness and frustration. Because you then own your center, you are more powerful.  That place of power allows you to act more confidently and authentically. It enables you to communicate the truth of who you are, freely. Once your glimmer of truth is intuited, you will feel a remedial solution arise through it, born through your act of sincere listening and attentiveness, instead of being varnished over with your otherwise filtering field of guardian emotions. Always, when a real solution to a dark issue arises, there is a concurrent stream of supportive bliss underwriting it. In other words, you can live your joy and love, while also resolving the issues that darkness brings. To not do that, you resultingly create weakness in your character. Love and Joy require your power.

On censure: If you are in search of freedom, you must not be afraid of censure. The dread of censure is also the death of creative inspiration. Once you encounter it, accept the challenge, and act more determinedly and more cleverly. If your legs are not yet fully developed, then carry more weight. If censure is burdening you, use the censurer’s effort to make you stronger. Power comes from the challenge. Those who would censure your right to truth or knowledge will grow weaker as you grow more determined. In the end, it is a much greater effort to hide the light than to reveal it. The sun always has a significant advantage over the dark. All we do during this unique period of time is going to be determined by the choices we now make. Every time we choose to face the problem, we find new solutions and greater power. If we stop, center, feel past our emotional filters, and therein, in that innocence, remember the truth of why we are, we will likely become humbler, more powerful, and invincible.

Text: Aaravindha Himadra

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