January 2020

#03 Life after death, and embracing our Immortality


Life is a journey of wonders, with a new mystery at every turn. There’s so very much for us all still to learn, so much yet to discover and uncover about the many mysteries in life. But — the greatest mystery in life may not actually be about life; but about what happens to us [...]

#03 Life after death, and embracing our Immortality2020-05-25T17:52:05+00:00

#02 How angels sing us


In this episode, Aaravindha talks about the vibration in all things. Most physicists today will tell you —vibration is the quintessential nature, and beginning of everything. —And, that Sound, in other words, vibration, is the fundamental Creation force in our UniverseAaravindha describes how to harness these creation forces through mantra vibrations and how these vibrations [...]

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#01 How to Center and find Presence in Meditation


In this Wisdom Path Podcast episode, Aaravindha speaks on centering and how to establish a good beginning and an effective ongoing process in your meditation. A vital part of our success in meditation depends on a good beginning phase. It's important to remember that the human psyche is a kinetic instrument and if it's left [...]

#01 How to Center and find Presence in Meditation2020-05-10T02:06:25+00:00
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