An investigative report about how Aaravindha was maliciously attacked by an online hate blogger Be Scofield who targets spiritual leaders.

The Malicious Mania of Be Scofield” is a well-documented in-depth professional investigative report that was completed by a professional investigative service that regularly works with a variety of governmental law enforcement agencies to help expose corruption and illegal activities. The Malicious Mania of Be Scofield report was released on the website It details the deceptive and defaming cyberstalking efforts of a hate group leader, Be Scofield. For the last ten years, Scofield worked strategically to ruin or destroy numerous spiritual leaders or group reputations using any method possible, including publishing defamation, intentional deception, and outright fabrication. She publishes her smear efforts on her offshore websites to further her goals. Many people today would describe her as a deceptive spiritual bigot who treats spiritually-minded organizations or emerging spiritual leaders with calculated hatred, malicious intent, and utter xenophobic intolerance. You can read about her inspected cyberstalking attack on Aaravindha Himadra, and his interview expounding on that event, as well as numerous other articles exposing her malevolent activities here: