Aaravindha Himadra

The Fourth Path – The Karunya Marga

April 6th-15th, 2018, Orcas Island, WA, USA, Rosario Resort

Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra, author of the spiritual bestseller "The Immortal Self," is a master and Rishi (Seer) of the timeless Surah Parampara tradition. He teaches locally and internationally Self-knowledge and a variety of techniques that make it easy for any interested persons to develop their inner gifts, develop healing, and attain liberation, deep inner peace, and eventually enlightenment. 

The Fourth Path – The Karunya Marga

Three interlinked paths are quintessential to every spiritual journey, —right action, right knowledge, and right devotion. In the ancient East these are classically referred to as Karma Marga, Jnana Marga, and Bhakti Marga. But these are in themselves not entirely adequate to bring a full and comprehensive focus and direction to the process of “Self-Awakening;” to that greater consummate path that brings forth the enlightenment. In order for these timeless three to be of any real use and value they will require something more; a fourth path that has long been absent or lost in most all spiritual traditions. That fourth path is the Karunya Marga.  

"The Karunya Marga is the means for mastering that intuitive ability to see, feel, and hear the Truth in its essential purity".

Karunya Marga translates directly as, “the way of compassion.” But this kind of Karunya-compassion is not the same as sympathy, empathy or kindness, which are the most common vocabulary used to describe compassion. Karunya-compassion is not generally understood in the world today. It represents a highly sophisticated art that involves a precise and deeply profound methodology for intuitively divining what constitutes the essential harmonies, movements, and right principles involved in truly living and expressing Dharma. It is the means by which we overcome the mind’s inherent limits for discriminating the core disparities between illusion and Truth. Once understood, it could easily be said that it is the single core requisite that most profoundly fosters and advances every genuine spiritual practice. For the enlightened, it represents the truest and most significant means that ultimately embodies and actualizes the Life-Divine.  

What seems true for one person may appear false to the next. This is because we each translate our sense of right order and knowledge uniquely, most often in relation to our learned sense of who we’ve come to believe we are. But, Truth is fundamentally always the Truth; it doesn’t differ even though our perceptions may. While Truth cannot easily be understood in its wholeness, it can be intuited through its shine into our lives. It could be said that enlightenment is fundamentally the ability to see life as it truly is, experienced purely beyond the perceptual blur of our emotional filters, prejudices, or predilections. 

The Karunya Marga is the means for mastering that intuitive ability to see, feel, and hear the Truth in its essential purity, acting out and supporting our lives in all we do. The Karunya Marga is the heart of the spiritual path. It is the sacred science that unfolds the founding values, upon which every true Self-Realization technique and practice is built. 

Our Seminar Location on Orcas Island

The beautiful nature energy of Orcas Island will surround us during our seminar at Rosario Resort.

Peaceful water views, healthy and yummy vegetarian meals and cozy spacious rooms provide the ideal atmosphere for this transformational 10-day seminar.


We will have tasty and healthy vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) from the gourmet kitchen of the Resort.

It will be mandatory for every guest that is attending the seminar to participate in the food program, whether they are Rosario guests or staying elsewhere. Our first meal will be dinner on our arrival day, April 5th.

Each participant will be charged $75 per day for food plus 20% service charge and sales tax.

Accomodation Rates & Booking

Single and Double Rate for all Harborside or Hillside King or Double Queen Rooms is $109.00 per night plus 10.1% San Juan County Sales Tax * extra person after the double is $20.00 per night - up to four maximum

All other Harborside Hearth Suites are $199.00 per night plus 10.1% San Juan County Sales Tax *roll away beds can be added for an added $20.00 per night on a first come first serve basis.

Upon booking at Rosario, mentioning the Sambodha Group, you will be be responsible for payment of one night charge deposit for the room plus tax and the food program for one day plus service charge and tax.  

At check-in on April 5, 2018 the remaining balance will be due. Please make reservations by March 15, 2018.  

Bookings needs to be made via phone. 

Rosario Resort and Spa Reservation Department 1-800-562-8820 or (001) 360-376-2222 (also international)

Website: www.rosarioresort.com

Address: 1400 Rosario Road Eastsound, Washington 98245

Participation Requirements

This course is open for all participants. It is also a mandatory part of the teacher training series.

Arrival & Times

Arrival day – Thursday, April 5th. Seminar check-in is in the afternoon before dinner. Seminar starts at 10 am on the 6th.

End of the seminar – Sunday, April 15th after Lunch.

International Travelers

There is a shuttle bus leaving every two hours from Seattle airport to the Anacortes ferry terminal. You need to take the ferry to Orcas Island.

Once at the ferry landing, San Juan Transport or individuals can be helpful with transport to Rosario Resort.

Seminar Fee 

Regular: $1,095, Single Parent/Student: $895, Paramahamsa Graduates of Sambodha Teacher Training: $695 

Registration is only possible via the online registration form*. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept sign-ups by e-mail. Please register by March 1st at the latest. 

 *Important Note: For technical reasons, please use the same email address for all our future seminar sign-ups from this point on. Couples need to use an individual email address for each person.

Please check if you receive a confirmation email! If not, you sign-up did not get through. In that case please try again and make sure you filled out every field. You also may want to try a different browser, as some versions might not be compatible. If you still continue to have problems, please contact Aiyanna at aiyanna@sambodha.org.

In your sign-up confirmation email we will send you the banking information and address to send checks to. The entire seminar fee must be paid by March 15th, 2018. If you choose cash payment, the total amount must be paid at the seminar check-in on the arrival day.

Please read our seminar terms and cancellation policy


If you have Questions...

Please contact Aiyanna & Arshia at seminars@sambodha.org

Or call 360-510-8480 (Arshia) or 360-298-9222 (Aiyanna)